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Pari was born in Rasht, Iran in a middle class family in 1990; not long after the end of Iran-Iraq war.
She completed her school years showered with theological dogma and islamic propaganda, and yet, like many youth her generation, she  couldn't find sense in it all. Quite contrary, she rebelled and fought and debated her way.
Her way was reading and knowing and discussing. Expressing the experienced truth and letting the girl inside fully out.
She used to write poems, short stories and articles while still in Iran in Persian language. Her poems were mostly subject to censorship in the Islamic totalitarian regime.

After finishing her master studies in Tehran university, having had the political experience of a suppressed civic movement in 2009 and years of despair, she decided to immigrate. 
She resided in Czech republic due to a set of events and having lost her connection to her native language, she adapted the visual language to express herself- the language that needs no translator. 
Pari explores the human body and its potentials through her works and how so much it can communicate, to the extent that it stands at the forefront of cultural, racial and theological expression.

At the moment, she lives and works in Prague with her partner.

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